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The journal of Mitarashi Anko

[a clattering sound, as if dropped]

...So yeah.  This is Anko.  Uhh....leave a message.  If you want.

[abrupt click]

(ooc: please clearly mark ic or ooc, thank you!)

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The setting sun is warm on her back.Collapse )


[ Anko stirs, rolls over a little, her back pressed to Deidara's. She cracks an eyelid, sees the Hitomi, and tries to turn it off, but ends up pushing it off the bed.

Muffled: ]

Nnng, whatever.

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She needs them so much.Collapse )


[ It's all the children that have her remembering; all the damned dreams.

Anko rolls over and tries to fall back asleep. Tries not to think about war. ]

An OOC NoteCollapse )

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{rated R; sexual content}


He tastes like bloodCollapse )


[ Anko wakes up in a hot, sweaty tangle of sheets, but more importantly, she is confused. ]

What the...What the fuck???

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{rated R; sexual content}
TRIGGER WARNING: rape/implied rape


Don't touch me.Collapse )


[ And the scream jolts Anko awake; through sleep paralysis, she only managed to force out a weak squeal, but it's enough to make her sit up in bed, adrenaline humming liquid electricity in her veins. ]


[ She throws the Hitomi against a wall; it cuts off. ]

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This will hurt, he'd said.Collapse )


Anko wakes up in a sweat, breathing heavily. She fell asleep on one of her arms, and it tingles with blood loss. She rubs it, rubs it, until the blood and feeling comes back into it.

She rolls over and tries to sleep again.

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[ The Hitomi suddenly clicks on, but the image is blurry and in constant motion.  Things that might be fingers waver close to the screen; a large amber eye swims into view and blinks, the eyebrow frowning over it with interest. ]

"What the..."

[ The image flips several times--the person holding it is obviously examining it closely.  The audio is faint: ]

"Hi...to...mi... oh, hitomi.  Huh.  Where'd...?"

[ The image rights itself and zooms back as she holds it at arm's length, squinting, giving the network a good look at Mitarashi Anko from the knees up, holding her head to the side as she tries to make heads or tails of this new toy. She brings it a little closer and comprehension dawns. ]

"Wait, this is a communicator?"

[ Several things happen now as she begins to explore the functions; a few times the screen goes dark and a few times the audio is lost, but it takes a while for her to sever the link.  The last audio heard: ]


[ Clearly, this is someone who appreciates technology. ]

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Anko's ApplicationCollapse )</div>


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